The alarm woke me at 630, overcast day as i looked through the window i was out by 715 it was a light rain, so i take a walk to Clarkson/Osbourne Building, was not been blown to 8.30am. I get there in the strangest of circumstance, The Police where you going are you press nice camera.. I was going to watch from the back over the river but the rain put play to that, it seems a lot of people missed the point of blowing, here are some images and as you can not see all did not goto plan she come down onto the building next door, i walked of in what was now heavy rain..

WITH a crack of high explosive and the roar of falling masonry one of Sheffield's best-known buildings bit the dust. The landmark Hydra-Clarkson tools building on Penistone Road crumpled in neat sections, collapsing then falling backwards.

The road, usually one of the busiest in Sheffield, was eerily quiet after being sealed off and a 100m exclusion zone set up round the building.

Only the buzzing of a police helicopter broke the silence as competition winner and former employee at the building Ken Norton hit the plunger at the Bickerton Skoda showroom over the road. But the 300ft long art deco building, constructed in 1941 to withstand a 500lb bomb with minimal loss of production time, wasn't going down without a fight.

The city end dropped, before tipping on its side - and its trailing corner damaged an adjacent building. Originally the Osborn Mushet tool company, the plant changed over the years to Clarkson Osborn and Hydra Clarkson. It was bought by American firm Jasco 10 years ago and taken over by the Koreans five years ago.

Simon Ogden, of Rotherham-based DSR Demolition, said they used 15kg of high explosive to set 108 charges and it was a "straightforward" demolition job. But the building had other ideas.

Former Clarkson employee Mike Adgie, aged 66, of Hillsborough said it was supported by huge reinforced concrete pillars, the basement was an air raid shelter and every window was wired glass. It was decommissioned in the 1970s, with production continuing in units behind the building. The ground floor was brought back into use in the last decade.

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Clarkson/Osbourne Building, Sheffield

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