quis eum fucius custodiebat?-
(who the fuck was marking them?)

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  • Three years ago two friends walked into George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) and what they found was quite something unlike they has found or seen in the 15 plus years they had been going in derelict buildings, it was just to enjoy the stillness and quite of these places be at one with the ghost of the past. It was only the advent of The Milk Grate Gang that the term Urban Exploration come to name what they had been doing for some years, by 1999 they had got there first digital camera. A simple web page we began to put on line our finds, if we could change history it would have been to keep our mouths shut over George Barnsley and Sons, mistakes was made and the place was once more on lock down, so the rest of the world understood the truth to have been this, however they had been going back in and out over those three years.


    George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) They were in Cornish Place on the Don and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883.:

    George Barnsley and Son is listed in the 1837 Sheffield directory as a file manufacture situated on Wheeldon Street, The 1849 listing records a move to Cornhill and the 1852 to Cornesh works Cornesh street they had by this time also increased there product range to include steel files, shoe and butchers knives.

    They are again listed in 1944 as manufactures of files and blades shoe knives and leather workers tools.

    In the 1948 listing the business had become George Barnsley and Son Ltd

    George Barnsley died at his home at No 30 Collegiate Crescent on 30th March 1958, he lived there with his wife Mabel and mother-in-law Elizabeth. He was a partner in the firm which were steel and file manufacturers and the business was converted into a limited company about 10 years before his death.

    He had a long army career, joining up in 1896 and serving in the Boer war and two world wars. Colonel Barnsley played a leading part in the development of the Army Cadet Force in Sheffield. He Died Aged 83.

    Egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunt Lucy Sparrow, aka "rookinella"

    Want is a desire we must overcome, i have no need for property or to own, this is why i take only images and leave footprints. Conversely you would be stealing (yes all property is theft) and could be done see here for a low down on the law http://underclassrising.net/insides/index.html and though i do not respect said laws of keeping those with property protected, for me urban exploration is far more than just filling a desire of need or want.. Enough said truth will allays come foreword, but no one will say sory for the doubt and finger of suspicion that was pointed in my direction. There is no issue in my mind about people taking stuff that will no doubt be skipped etc, but to take for gain is just crass, to damage for fun is just the same, and those who act in such a way are scum..


    This being the egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunt Lucy Sparrow

    The sad thing about this whole affair is that some people dont seem to realise that this escapade with its "involved parties" wasnt by a long way the first incident like this, we have seen many carbon copy incidents already involving the same "explorers". Thievery, publiciity, trashing of sites seems to be an ok way for them.

    It is fucking disgusting behaviour all round and I am so glad I take nothing to do with certain egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunts and never will.

    Sickening, it's things like this that will end up ruining exploring for those of us that would never stoop as low as vandalism or thievery.