Tapton Hall


It was the smallest of the catered halls, housing approximately 400 students (mostly first year undergraduates but also with a few higher years). It is less than a mile from the central campus of the university, close to Broomhill and Crookes, and it takes approximately 10/15 minutes to walk to the Students' Union. Tapton has its own bar, lounge and dining room, as well as a small computer room and 3 conference rooms which operate as television rooms when not in use. Tapton also houses a small library, offering a modest collection of books and a work space for residents.

The fact that the residence lies on a steep hill resulted in an unusual numbering system for the floors. The entrance leads to floor number 2, with the floors below numbered 1 and 0 (which are only present across half the building where the slope falls away). Above are floors 3,4 and 5.

It forms part of the plans for The Botanic Garden Tapton Experimental Gardens The new plans for the site are pretty much the same as the previous plans and do nothing to conserve the historic gardens and the plant collection on the site. The council are inviting comments and objections on this new planning application right up to the time it comes before the Planning Board.

Having done The Mooch for The Botanic Garden Tapton Experimental Gardens, I thought idd have a walk around the outside of the sight, I never knew that that Tapton Hall was empty, it has security who I met while inside, he was cool and just asked me not to publish the images as he would get fooked, but the outside well the grounds are wide open how could he stop me, what a nice man.