quis eum fucius custodiebat?-
(who the fuck was marking them?)



June 2010

The Grade II listed Post Office building was up for sale for a considerable time before finally been sold for development in early 2006.

Now part demolished and damaged from lack of security this place is been left to ruin, it had taken 2 years for us to get in here

Sheffield's Head Post Office operated for almost ninety years. Built in 1910 on the site of the previous Queens Cutlery Works as an addition to the 1897 building (most of which has now been demo’d I think), it closed in 1999, with the main post office moving to new premises. (looks like the whole thing is threatened with being flattened though, if the internal water damage is anything to go by). At some point, and I can’t quite figure when, the telephone exchange was also housed here.

The old Central Post office in Sheffield