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You guessed the name Bucolic says i like, or is that me and The Monkey like a good walk and the Redmires Water-Treatment Works Sheffield Reservoirs are a group of three reservoirs in Fulwood, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. They are fed from the Hallam Moors by various small streams including Fairthorn Clough. The three reservoirs are named Upper, Middle and Lower and date from 1830s. The area is popular with walkers and bird watchers. A path from the Upper reservoir leads onto the moors and to Stanedge Pole.

Well, there had to be a filter house, we knew this due to the fact there is a new one, built 1971, like Bradfield we suspected the same infrastructure would be in place here, so a mooch around and we find the old 1949 one and unlike Bradfield, this place was fully intact.

This was a while back and G Barnsley and Sons has taken over our thoughts, but today we needed to look for something new, and if we failed at least we had a good old walk in The Bucolic.

So last time round on me own I failed (some urban exlporer Bucolic is) today with The Monkey and we are in, it seems last time used 5 years back looking at things left, it could have been longer looking at the peeling paint and decay.

This had it all dials, switches, left objects, and we let the images speak for what we found, here is more info on Redmires Water-Treatment Works Sheffield Reservoir here and some images from when we mooched around the empty reservoir and some more images from our mooch are here

Words do fail this time round on this place, we needed a new playground following Barnsley's and the events of the last week. Onto some images then, oh enjoy because I know we did taking them..

Notes from History and Description Of The Sheffield Water Works By William Terry 1924 who was the General Manger of the Sheffield Corporation Water Works,there is a copy at The local-studies Sheffield.

Redmires Water-Treatment Works Sheffield