quis eum fucius custodiebat?-
(who the fuck was marking them?)

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  • This been the former Silver Squat, home to Sheffield Punks.. a skateboard room, we did not find the gig room and the common bedroom,

    The Silver Squat was an autonomous punk venue located in an old silversmiths building near the train station which hosted a number of punk gigs and anti G8 events before closing. Evicted: 24/01/05

    We have wanted to get in here for Ages! (2004 when it was evicted). It has always been sealed tight, or so it seemed... but this time there was a way in, well kind of... we were just thin enough (yes the fat bastard got in and erm out)!

    Laycocks were Silversmiths, making cutlery and flasks etc. They also made buffing wheels for the cutlery trade. It is thought they also made buffing soap too.

    The works were very old and unchanged. Long narrow workshops with benches down the side. Under the benches the line shafts which powered the buffing wheels and grinders were still in place.

    The works entrance would have been very grand, with a polished aggregate floor and a once ornate staircase, but scrappers, chavs and smack-heads have had their day it now lay in ruin but you can make out in the dark what would have been.

    The whole place is the filthiest skag-den we have ever had the displeasure of being in... (well there was A R Heathcoats) there were HUNDREDS of needles, soiled mattresses and sleeping bags, "used" porn, it was filth. It really put us off from poking around for the usual details and artifacts we sometimes usually find, which is a shame because it was ripe for some finds!

    We just walked around, worked out the place what come first, what was last and though on a barmey May sunshine day, it was not ticking any boxes, we left and walked round the corner to have a look at the old North side of Sheffield College, no go, there was security, shame on such a day this would have been rather wonderful, and though there are some good empties in Sheffield they've been done, reported and covered. So we shall stick to the bucolic side of things, who knows it might come back this urban exploration thing, but for now we are off to hug trees..

    Laycocks Silversmiths