Stanley Tools.

Hello it has been one reason we like dereliction the space and what you can do in them.. Following G Barnsley and sons and those events, plus other bullshit it was time out for myself and go do other projects and photography..

Of course i would come back to a subject i love, so Stanley Tools Sheffield has been done some good images was taken, there seemed little point in adding any more other than ego:

But in time i found myself there, took some images but it was not doing it for me the images to be frank was shit, it was time to get to know the big lady and with this in mind of i went to find the caretaker/security as we stood talked, then sat in The Fat Cat..

I walked round with him on my own watched sunrise sunsets from the roofs, then Dan asked him about use for making short music videos and we was in open all area access here are the images from our first shoot with a few from my mooching..