The former site of Williams Brothers, vacated in 1997 when the company moved to a new address. The place is pretty gutted except for a few safes, a smashed TV and a chair covered in pigeon shit, upon the first view that is, but there is more Williams Fasteners, was founded in 1870 by the Williams brothers, and was based at Green Lane in Shalesmoor in Sheffield until 1997. The company then relocated to the outskirts of Sheffield near the M1 to make distribution easier The signs on the outside say it made screws, nails and the likes

This was our playground from walking in through the green door in 2007, we fell in love and we understand it must have been on the same scale at G Barnsley and Sons before part demolition left it the ruin we found, we have taken hundreds of images.

We walked past as we was planning to go have a look for some reason (a sixth sense?) that plan was put on hold, once more on Friday our work not done we walked past and this time noticed - what we called the 1970s part - had been demolished.

We loved the ruin that was left, the flora of mother earth that crept from the oddest of places, the old works told her story in the left detail.. the rusting light switch, wires hanging bare, it had something about her. The ghost of her past was still there, from days of glorious sunshine to watching sunsets over Sheffield from the flat roof of the 1970s part. Even in the snow of 2009 we had a wander round here but, it was strange to see her gone to the ground like this, Williams Brothers you shall be missed.


September 2010.

One Last Look Befor Demolition.

Up close.

Near to the end.

Williams Brothers The End::


The Past:

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The Missed Bits:

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