quis eum fucius custodiebat?-
(who the fuck was marking them?)

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  • Woollen Signs sign at York St near the West Bar area of Sheffield. Woollens was established in Sheffield in 1883 by Edwin James Woollen, a signwriter and Frederick Ibbotson, a lithographic printer. By 1897 Woollens had become a limited company and was based at 35 Carver Street in Sheffield. A friend who worked for Woollens told me that this was the first neon sign ever installed in Sheffield. It used to be a distinctive local landmark, but now it's obscured by buildings (the new Law Courts and solicitors' offices).

    If you know Sheffield would it not be nice to light up the old Woollen Sign once more? Christ this place was less about the images more about the little finds and just being in there given the history of the place see (THREDS) a tresure trove of riches that images could not tell..‘Woollen & Co. Ltd’ closed after 125 years of trading, following a takeover 19 Love Street. ... Things also go missing, too, such as letters on the sign. ... not to mention an intriguing, somewhat ineffable impression of living urban history.

    Woollen Signs 2010