Real Cool (how to make mushroom curry)

He did his time while having too much space to think. Meanwhile he had dreamed a dream until dreaming was a boring thing to do. His debts were what he was worth. He had sat and looked over the Earth from Ewden village and learnt his real age now his faced looked younger. The panorama of More Hall Reservoir was his view as he looked into the deep blue water sat on the edge, upon two stones that had been placed together and made a seat. He thought of the time he had seen his basterd of an uncle laying in his coffin waiting to meet his 6 foot by 4 foot. Two days later he was being placed into a grave at City Road Sheffield.

He was dragged to the wake. He was of age to get pissed so that's what he did. His mother, the sister of the basterd uncle had not seen one of her children so pissed. Next time he was to be in this pub he was squatting a warehouse round the corner for his own home and sometimes free parties, he called them Eat More Fruit (the sound system was called the big ego orchestra). He and friends had painted the walls of the warehouse. Now he passes where the warehouse stood, on his way to More Hall Reservoir...

He had now found his home, a hobby he liked more than politics. The first proper walk on the Sunday following the million-man march in London (against war, against capitalism) was just awesome. Now here he was on his own. This time he walked through the pine forest of a deep grayish darkness and soft earth under foot. His eyes were wide open. He had just got back his Fuji 1300 digital camera although he had to leave it at home as he taken some images the other day and all the cards were full. He had taken images of his old school Carbrook, and Attercliffe graveyard.

For three days in total he had gone for a walks. Giro day was spent walking the south of the city and meeting a 300-year plus beech in Abbeydale Woods. There he sat with a long-term friend and just talked then the Nokia 3810 vibrated his pocket he spoke towards the phone as he pressed the reply button, hello and the short conversation took place. Next time he was going to take a stepladder to climb the beast. Meantime his thoughts came back to where he was now, sat upon two stones that had been placed together that made a peoples seat at the side of More Hall Reservoir.

He smoked some of his weed through a bong, his mind drifted back into the deep blue water. He got out his Sony headphones and his CD Walkman. He heard P.A.I.N., this is the Propaganda and Information Network, as it began to play. He danced at the side of More Hall Reservoir for the first three songs. This is how he measured time so he thought he had better is off. He walked up the road a little then he took out his Ordnance Survey Peak Distract Map (1961), and looked where he was. He folded back the map and placed it back into his green bag. He had made up his mind to go up past Wigtwizzle and down round the top of Broomhead reservoir and then back down to the bus stop. He had played 3rd Base (Cactus Cee/D) and Dead Prez (a CD he had a mate burn for him) as he reached the bus stop.

He waited for a short while, or was it a long while, anyhow the bus had arrived and he got on board. He sat there on a Friday night at about 7.30. The children of the suburbs were going into town. Cheap perfume, see-thru tops, tight jeans and men and girls in g-strings. He looked at his map and made some notes on some scrap paper.

His third eye kicked into focus and he realized he was being watched or was it urban- paranoia ? He put on some Discharge (free speech for the dumb) that worked he was left alone. He watched the urban metropolis become more and more as he came into Sheffield City Center. He had to get another bus home the no.69 would be his best bet or the no.93. As luck would have it the 69 was the first bus at the stop. It would be empty he thought as it was only going to Rotherham, and it was. He sat at the front with no music on.

He got off on Sheffield Road and walked towards his home, well at least that's what it was called, as you know it was not home to him. He cooked some food: a mushroom, spud and chickpea curry. He placed the spuds to part boil and then sliced the mushrooms onto the side. He then took all the spuds from the boiling water and placed them into another pan of already smoking olive oil with garlic and some tinned chopped toms. He stirred in the spuds and took handfuls of the chopped mushrooms and stirred them in.? He then added the chickpeas and a pint of cold water.

He then placed the small frying pan onto the heat and added some nut oil and some olive oil, he then added some korma curry paste and half a pint of water and brought it to a boil and then took it off the heat and left it on the side. He made a bong as the cat sat up on his lap, he had smoked some of the bong and then placed the rice into the boiling water.

He watched Eastenders, as the tune for Brookside kicked into play he was sat watching the small black and white Television eating his food. He switched the Television off at nine as Friday TV was shit. He smoked a very large bong and his mind drifted. He decided to listen to some music. He switched on the D100 Compact Disc Player and A1 Integrated Amplifier both cambridge audio, he bought them using some of the community care grant.

The community care grant was given to him in July, now it was October. As Pink Floyd (wish you were here) kicked into play he lazed upon his bed. The Desolation he was feeling in the last weeks was still there. His mind drifted into the events of the week. Fuck, he realised so much about himself. Have a cigar kicked into play as the Cat he was living with jumped onto his chest.

He had called her Sensei, another cat suffering due their ownerĂ?'s drug habits. However they both were soul mates. She purred onto his chest and they both lazed upon the bed. The end of the CD woke them both and he said: "space!" as sensei jumped off.

He put radio 4 on for the 10 o' Clock news and fell asleep till at least one in the morning, he powered down the Compact Disc Player and Integrated Amplifier, along with the Technics Tuner he had picked up for 20 pounds off the Monday markets and went to bed. He woke at 8am and powered up the Hi-fi system and put radio 4 on as he cooked breakfast of mushrooms and scrambled eggs with beans and toast, the rest of the day would be uploading: